12.Tangosause Bremen!
03.10. -06.10.2019

You would like to join the team? You can imagine preparing brunch, cleaning the dance floor in the early morning...? Feel free to contact us :)


In which role shall I register? 

Please register according to the role, that you usually dance, where you „feel home“. As we take as much care as we can, creating a nice atmosphere at the Tangosause, we keep an eye on balanced relation between the amount of followers and leaders. Please only sign in as leader if you are one. Someone who tries to get in as a leader although, it is not like that, will be canceled. 

Registration form

please fill in the form for registration. If you want to sign in with a partner, fill in both sides. When you press the „register“ button you will see a red field below that tells you that your registration was successful.

Afterwards you will receive an Email with all details. Please be patient it may take some days until you receive the Email. Please don't sign in twice.

 Thanks :)

In case you signed in alone (especially as follower) it may happen that you are on the waiting list. We will send you the confirmation of your registration as soon as our "dancing-roles" are balanced and you are on the list of participants.

For 2019***** WE ARE FULLY BOOKED :)
Registration is not yet opened.


We do offer vegetarian and some vegan food. A big part of our food is eco or even fair-trade (coffee for example)
 Please be aware that although we try our best to choose the food in a conscious way, we are not able to provide food for all different types of food intolerances or allergies. 
Thank you!

We offer water to drink for free all day and night. 

The marathon ticket includes: All milongas; X-sessions and delicious food (3xbrunch with coffee and tea; 3xmidnight soup; 2xdinner)


Dear „Tango-enthusiast“ welcome as part of the „Tangosause“!

In order to have a save and pleasant time please read the following:

The Organizer is not liable for any property damage or any personal injury arising from the attendance to the „Tangosause“.

We can not take charge of any losses due to theft or loss of equipment and articles or other personal property.

The organizer reserves the right, in case of adverse conditions or other unforeseeable events (for example: illness, fire damage, water damage, in the place of the event), to postpone or cancel the event without  any consequences (we don’t take charge for costs linked to the event (like costs for: traveling, hotel booking, room booking, or any other costs); the costs for the marathon ticket will be given back in that case.

Please note that smoking is forbidden in all the rooms

Please tell us as soon as possible if you have to cancel

By paying the ticket and or taking part at the event you agree to these conditions.

Also you agree to the „Privacy policy statement“. You find it here: https://www.tangosause-marathon.de/admin/edit/editor.php?pageID=12&lang=en

Feel free to contact us for any further question: anmeldung@tangosause-marathon.de

Thanks for reading, we are happy to see you :)